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Madoff: Témoignage de H. Markopolos

Le New York Times résume les efforts de Harry Markopolos pour qu’une enquête soit menée par la SEC ( Security and Exchange Commission) sur les agissements de Madoff . H. Markopolos alléguait ( à compter de 1999)  que Madoff fraudait ses clients dans une fraude de type pyramide de Ponzy .

“Mr. Madoff was arrested in December and charged with running a giant Ponzi scheme — the very accusation Mr. Markopolos said he made repeatedly to S.E.C. employees in Boston and New York to no avail.”

“In the torrent of criticism that Mr. Markopolos and lawmakers heaped on the S.E.C. and its senior staff members, some complaints were serious — that the agency lacked the expertise to tackle major frauds by big players and had no systematic way of dealing with whistle-blowers…”

…”Mr. Markopolos also said he would tell regulators about a dozen private foreign funds — which he said were “hiding in the weeds” in Europe — that raised money for Mr. Madoff and had sustained major losses.

These funds have not yet been publicly identified, he said. And their silent victims most likely include investors of “dirty money,” including Russian mobsters and Latin American drug cartels, he said — although he acknowledged that he did not have specific information about such investments.

A lawyer for Mr. Markopolos said later that his client would make his reports to the S.E.C. inspector general, with whom he will meet on Thursday, and “through other channels.”

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