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Fraude hypothécaire au Canada : état de la situation

home 3dLe Globe&Mail vient de publier un article sur l’état de la situation des fraudes hypothécaires au Canada :”How Mortgage Fraud is Thriving in Canada” .

On mentionne les moyens utilisés pour frauder : faux relevés d’emploi, falsification des relevés bancaires, falsification des déclarations d revenus et avis de cotisation, courtiers hypothécaires malhonnêtes…

Those in the industry agree that much of what constitutes mortgage fraud in Canada is what’s known as “soft fraud” or “fraud for shelter” and usually involves people who are genuinely looking to buy a home and pay their mortgage, but can’t quite qualify for a conventional loan.

In some cases borrowers are simply trying to buy a home that is out of their reach financially. In others, the borrowers could qualify if they had a bigger down payment and paid a higher interest rate, but instead alter pay stubs and bank statements in order to qualify for the cheapest possible mortgage. Still, more involve people like Mr. Dhaliwal, who forge documents in order to save a deal that is up against a tight deadline.

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