Juricomptabilité et évaluation d'entreprise

Au delà des chiffres…

Lors d’une enquête en juricomptabilité, les chiffres ne sont pas que des numéros…ils parlent. Tracy Coenen a publié sur le web un article à ce sujet. Voici un extrait de son texte intitulé “Looking Behind theNumbers in Litigation”  que l’on retrouve à l’adresse suivante:


Digging Deeper

Once you’ve got the documentation to perform a thorough financial investigation, the fun work begins. The analysis is often very labor-intensive, especially with cases like money laundering or Ponzi schemes, in which many accounts, entities, and transactions are deliberately used to create a web of confusion.

The data must be harvested and put into a usable format so the numbers can be cross-checked and dots can be connected between people, organizations, and money. The faster this work can be done, the better the attorneys can plot and carry out the litigation strategy.

People lie about numbers, but when you have a financial investigator who can get behind the numbers and find the truth, you create an advantage for your client in litigation. The process of ferreting out the truth isn’t often quick or easy, but be assured that with the right help and the right documents, you can find out where money really went and use that knowledge to fight for your client.

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