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Lors de son procès pour fraude, un suspect gagne 96 000$ à la loterie


Un individu de 63 ans suspecté d’une fraude de 88 000$ plaide coupable et gagne, durant les audiences de son procès ,  un prix d’une valeur de 96 000$ à la loterie. Il avait un problème de jeu!

A former radio executive who admitted that he embezzled to support an addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets found out during his preliminary hearing that he had won a $96,000 lottery prize.

Prosecutors said the prize money won by Paul W. Lyle will go toward paying restitution to his former employer, American Media Investments, which owns three radio stations in Pittsburg, five in Joplin, Mo., and five in Texas.

Lyle, 63, pleaded guilty Thursday to felony theft for embezzling an estimated $87,750 from American Media, where he was the company’s chief operating officer until his theft was discovered in May.

Source: FraudBaron

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