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Fraude : Fausse offre d’emploi et “money mule”

dreamstime_8265741Il semble y avoir une forte augmentation des offres d’emploi frauduleuses et compte tenu de la conjoncture économique, cette croissance va surement augmenter.

Voici un exemple:

Recherche individu pour un travail à domicile, sur internet. Il faut avoir un compte de banque car l’emploi consite à recevoir des transferts bancaires provenant du  monde entier et par la suite,ces fonds sont transférés dans un autre compte. Salaire de 300$ à 700$ par semaine.

Voici une annonce tiré de Fraudwatch International :

Willkins Micheal Limited
89 Newport ave, Scoff ford Area,
Oxford, L349HA

Would you like to work online from home and get paid without affecting your present job if you have one?

Willkins Micheal, UK. Needs an individual in the United States of America/Canada who will be working for the company and I am willing to pay for every transaction, which wouldn’t affect your present state of work. Someone who will receive payments on our behalf from our customers in the United States of America/Canada. These payments are in form of Money Orders or checks and it willbe made payable to your name, so all you need do is cash the Money Orders or check and deduct your 10 % percentage and wire the rest back to me via Western Union money transfer.You will make as much as $300-$700$ per week depending on how effective you are .We presently run a Premier Furnishing Company sited in the United Kingdom and we need someone to work for the company as a representative/bookkeeper in the USA/CANADA.

Reply by filling the form below if interested, FULL NAME………………….
FULL ADDRESS(not p.o. box)……………
PHONE NUMBER (S)………………..

REPLY ASAP :willkins.michael6@gmail.com

Willkins Micheal

Un autre, provenant aussi de Fraudwatch International:

Dear Applicants,
My name is Bill Mitchell, I am the C.E.O of (World Shipping Agency) and my
Wife Mary Mitchell, Together we own WORLD SHIPPING AGENCY based in the U.K
(United Kingdom), London to be precise.
I am looking for representatives around the world who will
be working for me as an online credit control officers, as we do not
have enough personel in these areas . It is a part-time job, which
should not affect your present state of work, and I would be willing to
pay 10% for every transaction.
Applicants would receive payments from my clients in their countries
where they are based, I mean trusted applicants that are responsible
and reliable.
Our clients often make their payments by CASHIER’S CHECK/MONEY ORDERS
and these payments would be made out to you if/when you eventually meet
our requirements for the post of Control Officer. All you need to do as
a Control Officer is to:

1. Receive and cash the payments (CHECKS, etc.) at your bank.
2. Deduct your percentage, and wire the rest of the funds via WESTERN
UNION MONEY TRANSFER to the regional warehouses that would be made
available to you in subsequent updates ( the charges from the Western
Union Transactions should be deducted from the company funds.
* The average monthly income is about 4000.00 USD.
* No form of investments from you.

To affirm your interest, Please complete the form below with the
necessary information and send in your reply:
#Your full name:
#Your full address:
#Zip code:
#Your age:
#Your phone number:
#Your e-mail address for quick delivery:

Le site de FraudWatch International est toujours intéressant à consulter:


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