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Profil d’un fraudeur: De qui doit-on se méfier?

Vous a-t-on dit quand vous étiez jeune ( et moins sage) de vous méfier d’aller dans certains quartiers “malfamés” pour ne pas vous faire voler votre portefeuille?

Un article dans Huffington Post décrit de qui il faut se méfier.

A  lire en cliquant sur le titre: ” The Most Dangerous Neighborhood in the United Stated.”

“”Be careful.”
“Keep your wallet safe.”
“Don’t get your money stolen.”
“Stay out of dangerous neighborhoods.”

My parents used to say that to me when I was first going out on my own. I never got the definition of what a “dangerous neighborhood” was – you were just supposed to know. It was a place where people preyed on you. Predators, like jackals circling, waiting to pounce, ready to take your hard earned money from you. That’s what happens in dangerous neighborhoods. That’s why you should stay away from places like that.”

L’auteur termine son article par:

dreamstime_71948411What do the numbers tell us in terms of where the place is that you are most likely to have your money taken? It’s not the people in poor neighborhoods, who live in run down homes and have older cars who are most likely to steal your money. The greatest and most far reaching financial damage is perpetrated by people who reside in wealthy neighborhoods, live in mansions, drive expensive cars and think they will never get caught or in Madoff’s case, don’t seem to care. They do their business in the most dangerous neighborhood in the United States, Wall Street. And you were afraid that some stranger in a bad neighborhood would take your wallet?”

Êtes-vous surpris?

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